Discover the Allure of The HIGH Lounge

Dive deep into the heart of Tempe, Arizona, and uncover an unparalleled experience at The HIGH Lounge. This esteemed Members Only establishment is more than just a lounge—it’s a gateway to premium smoking experiences, complemented by a meticulously designed ambiance. Revel in the sophisticated atmosphere, plush seating, and elegant decor that mirrors the highest standards of luxury.

With an assortment of premium smoking brands such as Sovereignty, Kevin Murray, and Mothership, every session is unique. Our knowledgeable staff ensures that each member is guided towards a smoking experience tailored to their preferences. The allure doesn’t stop there; our members are treated to an exquisite array of exotic snacks sourced from around the globe.

Looking for an immersive sports viewing experience? With 17 high-definition TVs broadcasting major sports events, including pay-per-view matches and fights, every sports enthusiast finds their home here. The HIGH Lounge is not just a lounge—it’s an experience. Ready to be part of this exclusivity? Become a member today.